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Super Mario Flash 2


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super mario 2 mario flash 2

Game Title: Super Mario Flash (v2.1, level editor)

Category: Arcade

Description: Super Mario Flash 2, sequel of Super Mario Flash, is what a sequel should be, the same with more stuff :D. Now based on Super Mario World, the game include : vertical scrolling, two layers of tiles, Auto-scrolling levels, Movable layer 2 and Water Mode level. SMF2 contains more types of collisions than SMF : ledges, water tiles and different kind of slopes. Mario has also more moves, he can : swim, slide, climb on vines, walk on walls and fly using his magic cape (feather). Mario can carry objects like a koopa shell, a springboard or the pow switch. Yoshi is also present to help Mario to deal with way more types of monsters than the first game. The world map is back with a SMW look, you can unlock the four hidden switch palace. Super Mario Flash 2, of course, also includes an in-game level editor which allows you to create your own levels with powers ups, tiles, monsters and platforms. Note: you can save and share your levels using level codes generated by the game. The game also use the flash player to run into your browser, so make sure you have the latest version installed.


Arrows: Move/Jump/Climb
Space: Fireballs/Tongue
X Key: Hold/Fly/Jump off

Finished the Game?

This game includes a level editor to create your own levels. To play other peoples levels go to this link , copy someones code and paste it in the 'load' section of the level editor menu.







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